How to backup reports or changing computers and sharing reports on multiple computers

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Date Added: 2/2/1999
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Custom reports that you create in ShoWorks are not stored with your data file.  These reports are actually stored in the ShoWorks program file itself.  This file is called ShoWorks 2020.swkdb.  (or if using a version of ShoWorks other than ShoWorks 2020, use that year such as ShoWorks 2016.swkdb)

When you upgrade or re-install versions of ShoWorks the program file that contains the reports is replaced and therefore custom reports do not initially appear in the new file.  However, an automated process will restore the former custom reports from a backup file.  For more information on missing custom reports, see the article: Custom reports missing after ShoWorks install or update


Method A - using the "Backup All" feature:

Back up your reports by selecting Reports then clicking Backup All. Follow the onscreen instructions for information on how to restore these reports to other copies of ShoWorks.

Method B - copying the program file:

Since the reports are located in the program file, you can simply back up (copy) this file to a safe location.  The file is located by default at: C:\Program Files\ShoWorks 2020\System\ShoWorks 2020.swkdb.  Copy this file (see your Windows help for information on how to copy files) to a back up location or you may copy the file to the exact location on a different computer.  Doing this will make the other computer identical to the original computer, containing all custom reports, queries and preferences.  Important!  When using this method to transfer reports to a different computer with ShoWorks, you must do so ONLY you are certain that both computers are running the exact same version and build of ShoWorks.  Verify this by selecting Help>>About ShoWorks and reading the VERSION NUMBER (not just "ShoWorks 2020" but for example, version "20.x.x").  Any attempt to perform this method otherwise will result in program errors.

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